Jumbo 18' Mammoth Paddle Board


Introducing our MAMMOTH Paddle Board! 
This large board is called 'The Mammoth' for a reason. It is MASSIVE!  At 18' long this board holds up to 1100 LBS! You can easily fit 6-10 adults or a family and kids on here with ease! 

This is great for families that want to take kids/teens out on the water but don't want the constant battle of falling off or separating from each other. Or a family reunion that fits all the cousins on at once! 

Our Mammoth board is the perfect addition to your next friends trip to the beach or family reunion at the lake! It is a heavy duty board that makes playing in the water so much fun!  

The paddle board is inflatable and comes with an electric air pump or a hand pump. Pumping to full capacity takes around 15-20 minutes with electric. 

The paddle board will come in a large roller back pack that you can fit in most vehicles. 

Our mammoth board will make summer memories on the lake so dang fun!

The Back pack comes with:
18' Inflatable Paddle Board

4 attachable fins for the board

4 Oars to row with

An electric or hand pump

We will also provide up to 5 life jackets if needed for your rental day!

This paddle Board has a $100 security deposit. (This is not charged just held on the day of the rental in case of lost/damaged items.