How does it work

How does the renting process work?

All orders are processed through our website ensuring your dates/times are reserved. For our rentals we also require a security deposit. (in case of lost or damaged product) The security deposit is just a hold on the money not an actual transaction. If the rentals are brought back in the same condition you rented them in, the security deposit is returned in full within 5-7 days. 

After you have secured your rental order you will receive a confirmation email with the details of you rental, a rules and requirements list and also our pick up address located in Hyde Park! 

Most pick up/drop offs are in the hours between: 7AM-10AM (Pick Up) 6PM-7PM (Drop off)

If you speak to us prior to your rental and request an earlier pick up, or a later drop off due to your schedule then we will specify this on the rental agreement. This MUST be approved by the owners before hand. We will always try to keep our rental process accommodating but we also need prep time before and after check ins to go over any questions or concerns.

When you arrive to our location of rentals you can choose up to 4 life jackets to take with you.

We have a rental agreement you will sign in person for YOU and anyone you are allowing on the Jet skis, which YOU will be responsible for.

We will go over the rules or questions you may have, how to load and unload the jet skis properly without damaging them. And take a video of the Jet Skis so we have proof of the condition they were in before leaving our premise.

Then we will send you on your way and see you at drop off!